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Going Manual With the LG G4

Its a question photographers have been discussing for some time, how long until the phone replaces the DSLR? Let me get to that first, not yet, but the LG G4 takes us significantly closer. Three Little Letters The first thing on the wish list is


Taking Underwater Photos with a Smartphone

Images in this post taken with Honor 6+ and iPhone 6   I’m looking for new things to shoot and I wondered if I’d be able to find a way to take photos underwater. Here’s my solution; Spaghetti Is The Answer The problem is, how


In The Studio With the Honor 6+

I recently got my hands on the Honor 6+. I’ve been looking forward to getting my hand on this for a while as it promises super sharp images thanks to its duel lens system. The Studio Set Up Planning on doing some more conceptual shoots

6plus PS

The Mobile Phone Camera You Can Focus After The Images

I was recently invited to an event held by Three where they were letting people know about their upcoming improvements to service and reliability. The presentation was interesting and maybe a little more of that at a later date, but what really caught my attention


The Juice Weekender External Charger

Its the age old problem, your phone battery lasts longer then an app comes along that drains it quickly. I’m thinking of things like Periscope or Meerkat here, live video streaming that will take every drop of battery power. Then there’s the times that you


Black and White with iOS Photo Editor

In a recent update to the iOS Apple make significant changes to the photo editor, in this extract from my post at Photofocus I explore Black and White. No Pixels Were Harmed…. When viewing an image you can access the editor by tapping on Edit


Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand

A tripod is an essential part of a photographer’s and this stands true for phoneographer’s too, researching my options it wasn’t long before I found exactly what I was looking for. I’ve used a Gorillapod in the past for supporting a DSLR but hadn’t realised


Phoneography : Sony Z3 Vs iPhone 6

As a mac user choosing a new phone should be simple right? Not if you’re really looking for a camera with a phone attached. After a little research I plumped to go Android and the Sony Z3, but I was curious about how it compares