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Black and White with iOS Photo Editor

photofocus_logoIn a recent update to the iOS Apple make significant changes to the photo editor, in this extract from my post at Photofocus I explore Black and White.

No Pixels Were Harmed….

When viewing an image you can access the editor by tapping on Edit in the top right corner. If you’re image was taken with your iOS device then the editor will open, however if you added an image from another source as I have here, then you’re given the option to duplicate the image and then edit.

Either way, your original image remains unharmed.photofocus_ios8_edit_01

Simple Controls

In the editor you’re given just a few simple controls, and for many tweaks this may be all you require.

I’m looking to make this image Black and white and there’s three options to do this in the Filters section. Noir is somewhat close to what I’m after, but not exactly.photofocus_ios8_edit_02

Drilling Down..

The dial icon next to the filters will reveal three menu options; Light, Color and Black and as luck would have it White.


Tapping Black and White opens another choice, this time in the form of a slider.


This article continues here at PhotoFocus


Image captured with Sony Z3   :::  Edited on iPhone 6 

Thanks to for their support of this article.

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