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How To Make Money From Your Phonography – Fotolia Instant

fotolia_instantLike me you might be snapping away at anything and everything and sharing them wherever you can, but have you thought about making money from your images?

With Fotolia’s Instant app everything you need to take, edit, tag and upload an image is right there for you even a model release form! Its completely free so there’s no outlay.

I found the app incredibly easy to use and quite intuitive. Uploading an image was easy both with images taken with the app and those I had on my Camera Roll (and had been run through Snapseed)

Once you’ve uploaded your image, its held in a queue to be authorised, once done it gets added to the Fotolia Instant collection and, if you’re lucky, sold.

The Fotolia Instant app is available for both iOS and Android systems, good luck!


Fotolia – The Stock Image Community
Fotolia Instant official Site

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