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Black and White with iOS Photo Editor

In a recent update to the iOS Apple make significant changes to the photo editor, in this extract from my post at Photofocus I explore Black and White. No Pixels Were Harmed…. When viewing an image you can access the editor by tapping on Edit


Background Blur With Sony Z3

There’s some great apps available, especially on iOS, that allow you to blur the background of an image after it has been taken. With the Android powered Sony Z3 I was pleasantly surprised to find that this option was built into one of it’s many


Selecting Hair with Photoshop Touch

Selecting hair is one of the more challenging Photoshop skills if you want to start doing compositing. Photoshop Touch makes it very easy to do, on the go, using a couple of tools and a filter. In this video I take the photo of Paige and


Photo Editing on iOS8

The popularity of apps and editing on the go has led to an extensive upgrade to the photo-editing app shipped with iOS 8.

- Snagit - 0001

Snapseed: The Lowdown

This article was written for and first posted at Fotolia Snapseed has been around for a while and many readers may remember it as a desktop application produced by Niksoft. Google have since bought Niksoft and have incorporated the Snapseed engine into Google Plus as