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Affordable Entry Level Smartphone for Phoneography

Its all very well for me banging on about G4s and iPhone 6s but these can be pricey if your looking for a start in phoneography. I asked my friends over at Three if they could recommend something for a tighter budget.

acer_go_01The Phone

They pointed me toward the Acer Go, a no frills phone that has a bit of a punch. Ok the camera isn’t top of the range but with a pretty reasonable 5mp back camera it can produce some decent images. The lens is an 89 degree wide -angle while the battery claim is of 300 hours in standby, 250 hours talk time running Lollipop (Android OS).

On Your Holiday

If you’re thinking of going away this summer this might be the ideal phone to take with you. Buying the phone will cost £50 for pay as you go and with Three’s Feel at Home rates you can use it in 18 different countries at no extra cost. It may not be my, now beloved, LG G4 but I know which I’d rather drop in the sand / sea / off a cliff!


This phone isn’t going to win any awards this year, but I really don’t think that it ever set out to be a trend setter, this is a what you see is what you get handset that does what you need and thats it.

Head over to for all the rates and more specifications.


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