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Budget Clip on Lenses

The cameras on phones are pretty amazing, my current phone of choice the Sony Z3 has an amazing 20.7 Mega Pixel camera. But, as with all photography you can never have enough kit, so I went browsing eBay and came across this little set.

01_all clip lens


At less than £5 including postage I wasn’t expecting much, and in all honesty, I got what I paid for, but that’s OK, it’s still something else to have a play with!

Clipping on, these lenses can be fitted to most mobile phone camera, however I do find that the lens on my mobile is slightly bigger and I get quite a pronounced vignette. The build quality isn’t great, a reminder of the price and come nowhere near the quality of an Olloclip.

04_clipped on

There’s three lenses here A fisheye, a Macro and a Wide Angle, and yep, they do what they’re supposed to do;

DSC_0052 (1)

The picture quality isn’t great, but I was pleased by the amount the fisheye bends the light, in the image above I have just about avoided getting my feet in the frame. In the next image I used it to add a distortion while investigating a house that had been empty for 20 years (almost to the day according to a newspaper I found)


The Z3 has quite a wide lens so adding the wide angle clip on had an unusual effect, but not one I dislike.



The macro is ok, again the quality is worthy of the price, but for something you can slap on and experiment with I was quite pleased;


In conclusion, it is what it is. A cheap piece of kit that adds a bit of fun to your mobile photography. Worth the money? Yeah, as long as you keep expectations in check!



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