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In The Studio With the Honor 6+

I recently got my hands on the Honor 6+. I’ve been looking forward to getting my hand on this for a while as it promises super sharp images thanks to its duel lens system.

The Studio Set Up

Planning on doing some more conceptual shoots in the future I thought I’d try out the phone in the studio.

honour 6 studio

Image from iPhone 6

With a black background I set up two constant lighting stands. One as a Key light the other as a little fill, but mainly Back lighting. Colleague and friend Sian happened by, so she got the job of model.


Honour 6+ Image - Click to see full size

Honor 6+ Image – Click to see full size

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

iPhone Comparison

iPhone image - Click to enlarge

iPhone image – Click to enlarge


Taking a selfie with the honor 6+ is much the same as any other phone, but what is a nice feature is the countdown it gives you.

Honour+ Front Facing Camera

Honor+ Front Facing Camera


First impressions

As test shots I’m very impressed with the camera on the Honor 6+ but I was throwing as much light at Sian as I could. Focussing was very quick and the results sharp and very clear.

An unexpected result was that, due to the shiny casing Sian could see herself in the back of the camera. I’m not sure how some people might react to this, but it helped Sian visualise the shot I was taking… and sort out her fringe.

With more features of the camera to explore expect a few more shots in the very near future!


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