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Taking Underwater Photos with a Smartphone


Images in this post taken with Honor 6+ and iPhone 6


I’m looking for new things to shoot and I wondered if I’d be able to find a way to take photos underwater. Here’s my solution;

Spaghetti Is The Answer

The problem is, how to get the phone underwater without getting it wet. To do this I went to my local John Lewis and bought a spaghetti jar. I spent some time looking at a couple of models, even putting my phone in them and taking an image.

The distortion of more rounded jars was far too much, so I went for the more square model where the phone could sit flush with the sides.


Pack It In

To make sure the phone stayed flush to the edges while shooting I packed kitchen roll around it. Then packed the top of it with kitchen roll to to catch and spillages or splashes.



Obviously I wasn’t able to press the shutter to take the pics, so I used a bluetooth trigger.


Dip In

Dipping the jar in the water and hitting the shutter means its a little hit and miss, but its a lot of fun and rewarding when you get a little something.


I didn’t catch any wildlife but thats not too surprising considering where I was,

Underwater Smartphone

Captured with Honor 6+

This technique also meant that I could capture the landscape from water level, something I’ve not done before.

Underwater smartphone

Captured with Honour 6+

Next time I’m at the coast I’m heading straight to the rock-pools!



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